Feb 26, 2009

My Eyes


At first glance, my eyes are brown. But when the light hits them they change to amber.

And if you look really closely around the iris the color is pure honey.

But when I look into the sun, they almost look green.

Feb 20, 2009

The People’s Wisdom

I was in the bank, waiting to be closely. Many people. Everybody headily, and were concerned with the others: I HOPE YOU FUCK YOURSELF.

Then, a old man. Ok, he is old. That is the issue. This man doesn’t have the same health like me, and like you guys. You can see it through his eyes, wrinkles and voice.

Maybe, he is just a semi-illiterate. He has a dilly, which I am not yet. Wisdom. It doesn’t mean that I have no wisdom. I have it. But I am a young and a no-experience guy. Not as him.

He spoke with me. Told me about what he thinks. Especially about politics. Micro-politics, that we just forget. Things like: PREFERENCE TO THE OLD PEOPLE IN A LINE!! And he was beside me. He wasn’t there (in the preferencial line).


Feb 10, 2009

Oh, My God!


All religions lead to the same God, and they all deserve the same.

A man who choose a religion is a way collective choosing to adore and share the mysteries.

In the meantime, it is only responsible for their actions in the way and has the right to transfer to religion the responsibility of their decisions.