Aug 22, 2009

This is me

Disorder. Beatuy. Silence. Complex. Simple. Smile. Romance. Love? Creativity!

A child. A teenager. An adult. Old.


Family. Friend. Boyfriend. Lover. Psychologist. An ill patient.

Disease. Healing.

Singer. Dancer. Listener. Scream!

Someone that needs to understand the feelings. But, how to get there?

Jul 26, 2009


I didn’t expect so much. But that city, that trip made me think a bit.
I don’t know exactly whatta hell I’m thinking.
I do know that is something big.

For the time being, I don’t care about it.
And from now on, I’ll try my best to understand my mind.
A sort of outbreak happened to me.
I’m not overreacting, I swear.

And I sigh…
I stare myself in the mirror.
What is happening?

Jun 30, 2009

Pray to Iran

The most famous prayer in Catholicism.

        پدر ما ، که هنر در آسمان ،
افتخار دارد در آنها نام ،
ما آمده تا شما را پادشاهی ،
انجام داده است را در خود خواهد شد
بدینسان که زمین یا آسمان.

آن روز را در آنجا نان روزانه ما را امروز ،
عفو ما جراحات ،
که ما امرزیدن
که به تجاوز بر علیه ما ،
اجازه دهید که ما را به وسوسه
اما ما را از شر تحویل.

چنین باد

Apr 23, 2009

A Wise Old Owl


A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more it saw
The less it spoke
The less it spoke the more he heard
Why can't we all be
like that wise old bird?

Apr 11, 2009


Once I was walkin on the campus of my university. That week was espeacily to show the graduate courses to high school public.

On the Institute of Physics they had this giroscope.

So.. I tried!

See the video below

Apr 1, 2009

Reduce, Re-use and Recycle

The life of my land is a global concern.
We need to take care about it.
There are many alternative to do this.
The tittle of this post is one of them.
Let’s move on.

The text below, is from a Jack Johnson’s song, called: The 3 R’s

If you're going to the market to buy some juice
You gotta bring your own bags
And you learn to reduce your waste
We gotta learn to reduce

And if your brothers or your sisters
Got some cool clothes
You can try them on
Before you buy some over those
We gotta learn to re-use

My mother Earth needs more than a Earth Hour. Although it is a just a simbolic, I think that we need to do MORE!
I do my part. Do yours!

Mar 22, 2009

Begin Again

In this post, I want to show a beautiful text, written by a priest.

If you don’t understand my language, translate it.


Tudo, aliás é arte.
Sobretudo hoje, quando já quase ninguém sabe mais o que é arte.
Começar, porém, exige uma força, interior,
uma esperança tal …
que se vai tornando uma “arte”…
Exige uma sensibilidade para antever o fim
Exige uma capacidade grande para saber onde se vai .
Exige uma síntese que só a arte oferece ou enriquece.
Recomeçar é mais ainda arte…
Porque é renovar convicções, recolocar posições, reanimar virtudes,
Esperanças, reequilibrar a dimensão interior, redescobrir a
Quem bem começa tem muito para bem terminar!
Quem sempre sabe recomeçar tem muito para chegar a vencer.
Quem continuamente admite recomeçar atinge rápido a perfeição,
Feita sim, de limites, mas … humana
E é por isso que…
É sempre bom falar de esperança…
É sempre proveitoso e agradável, no princípio de qualquer caminhada,
ouvir dizer esperanças …
É sempre animador, no princípio de qualquer princípio, cantar
esperança do peregrino, do caminhante, do viajante.

Padre Nereu

Mar 16, 2009

I can change the world with my own two hands


Make it a better place
Make it a kinder place
I can make peace on earth
I can clean up the earth
I'm going to make it a brighter place
With my own two hands

 Jack Johnson & Ben Harper - With My Own Two Hands

Mar 5, 2009



My first time, in U2’s show.
I think we have this kind of thought in our minds.
Baha'i Faith.
I really look up to this philosophy.

And my willpower is try to change myself.
’Cause sometimes, I don’t live what I actually think

Feb 26, 2009

My Eyes


At first glance, my eyes are brown. But when the light hits them they change to amber.

And if you look really closely around the iris the color is pure honey.

But when I look into the sun, they almost look green.

Feb 20, 2009

The People’s Wisdom

I was in the bank, waiting to be closely. Many people. Everybody headily, and were concerned with the others: I HOPE YOU FUCK YOURSELF.

Then, a old man. Ok, he is old. That is the issue. This man doesn’t have the same health like me, and like you guys. You can see it through his eyes, wrinkles and voice.

Maybe, he is just a semi-illiterate. He has a dilly, which I am not yet. Wisdom. It doesn’t mean that I have no wisdom. I have it. But I am a young and a no-experience guy. Not as him.

He spoke with me. Told me about what he thinks. Especially about politics. Micro-politics, that we just forget. Things like: PREFERENCE TO THE OLD PEOPLE IN A LINE!! And he was beside me. He wasn’t there (in the preferencial line).


Feb 10, 2009

Oh, My God!


All religions lead to the same God, and they all deserve the same.

A man who choose a religion is a way collective choosing to adore and share the mysteries.

In the meantime, it is only responsible for their actions in the way and has the right to transfer to religion the responsibility of their decisions.

Jan 14, 2009

Be Yourself

Your life will improve only if you change.
No doubt yourself.
Take the course of your life.

Sing with me

And be yourself is all that you can do

Jan 8, 2009

not by chance

We are all particles. Atoms. Chemical elements. Cells. People. We move ourselves. This is what the particles do. Are attracted and repelled. The air goes from the hot to cold. The electric charge goes from the positive to the negative. The planets are attracted. and we, as individuals, where are we going?
We have free will: we go wherever we want! Which makes our flows much more complicated to organize!

Text from a brazilian movie: "não por acaso - Fox Films"

Jan 3, 2009

What I'm waiting for?

Whata fuck I'm waiting for?
Today I talked with a friend and he told me things that I have to think a little bit more.
Something about my future? Past? Right now?
Exist a gift that God reserves to me. Somehow it will become a beautiful event in my life.
Who knows this secret?
Let it go... Let it show itself. Now I have to pray, and ask good weather from now.
Where Am I?
I don't want to be in this fucking storm anymore. Let's progress dude! You can do it!

Jan 2, 2009


A New Year comes. It comes to bring me things that I've never imagine before. Maybe I'll like it.
Maybe not.
New ideas. Different people. Musics that I never heard before.
Aircraft? Raízes? Winger band?

It remember me that I need to make a list of things to 2009. Things that will bring me joy.